Destination Andalusia: between Malaga and Seville for an exotic getaway.

Do you feel like getting away for a few days on a long weekend while being less than two hours from Barcelona by plane?

You’re in luck because I have the perfect travel destination for a few days of vacation: Andalusia! Let me take you on my road trip between Malaga and Seville in the Andalusia region.

Two hours from Barcelona, explore the south of Spain.

I’ve decided to travel to the south of Spain for 3-4 days to discover two wonderful cities in Andalusia: Malaga and Seville.

Expect a 1 hour and 45-minute flight from Barcelona to Malaga with no layovers, and a 2-hour drive from Malaga to Seville, allowing you time to enjoy the splendid Andalusian landscapes.

The landscapes of southern Spain are simply incredible, and I managed to take some amazing photos and videos; it was a real delight!

AC Hotels: Rooftop and breathtaking view of Malaga
For your stay, I recommend the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio (also in Seville) for its location and especially for its panoramic view of the bay from its rooftop terrace.

Accessible in the evening to everyone without being a hotel guest, you can admire the sunset from this rooftop with a bar, restaurant, and pool. The AC Hotel Malaga offers luxurious rooms and impeccable service. Perfect for unwinding and relaxing during your vacation!

Caminito del Rey: The Grand Canyon of Andalusia

I had the opportunity to visit Caminito del Rey in the province of Malaga, just a 1-hour drive away. This canyon, a true landmark in Andalusia, is truly impressive and accessible to everyone, even those like me who aren’t afraid of heights!

Thankfully, I felt safe throughout the entire visit. For those who love thrills and vast open spaces, this is the place to explore before heading to Seville!

Plaza de España in Seville, the must-visit place

With its 200-meter diameter, Plaza de España in Seville is the highly coveted landmark of the Andalusian capital, a place you absolutely must discover! The architecture dates back to the Renaissance period with a strong Oriental influence left by the Moors (people from North Africa), making it unique with its mosaics and 52 frescoes representing the 52 provinces of Spain.

Plaza de España in Seville, a must-visit destination

With its 200-meter diameter, Plaza de España in Seville is a highly sought-after spot in the Andalusian capital that Spaniards and tourists alike must discover! The architecture from the Renaissance era carries a strong Oriental influence left by the Moors (people from North Africa), making it uniquely adorned with mosaics and 52 frescoes representing the 52 provinces of Spain.

It is only in Seville that you can witness this masterpiece, constructed in the 1900s for an Ibero-American exhibition, aiming for peace between the Spanish people and the former American colonies.
You can capture photos of this architectural marvel from every angle as it is truly extraordinary and inspiring.

It’s not uncommon to see horse-drawn carriages crossing the square, offering tourist rides! Let yourself be transported back in time for a unique exploration of the city.

Metropol Parasol, where Berlin contemporary art meets traditional Sevillian architecture
Next, embark on a walking tour of Seville and I recommend stopping by the Seville Mushrooms! Officially known as “Metropol Parasol” or “Setas de la Encarnacion“, it is located on Plaza de la Encarnacion in the heart of the city.

This 28-meter-high monument, resembling the shape of a mushroom, is the creation of a Berlin artist and houses an archaeological museum, a covered market, and shops. A tip: climb to the top of the mushroom cap to admire the view of Seville.

To get a preview of what awaits you, I recommend checking out my Instagram reels about this destination:

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